Our portals are specifically aimed at an audience that is considering investing in their future and of course the real estate market buyers is a very important segment to us.

Generating leads (potential customers) for the real estate segment is increasingly penetrating the American market. We have a team of marketing experts available for the creation, design, analysis, optimization and monitoring of online campaigns which allows us to guarantee the quality of leads generated for the real estate market.


At NMO we develop Online Marketing strategies to generate high quality leads and conversion rates, which in turn allow for increased sales or rental of properties in the United States. We specialize in generating leads for the Hispanic market whose purchasing power has grown exponentially, generating the need to buy, sell and rent properties across the nation. We understand the needs and behaviors that motivate Hispanics to make decisions about buying a property either for investment or as their primary residence.

At NMO all of our customers are guaranteed to get unique and exclusive leads.
Given their location across the country, we only generate exclusive leads for each of our clients in order to provide them with greater opportunities when closing a sale as increasing their income. This allows them to manage exclusive leads, preventing any competition for leads with other real estate agents, and in turn, increases the recognition of each agent in their designated zone and therefore provide new business closings as well as satisfied customers who will continue to generate long-term business relationships.

How do we do it?
Our team of experts analyzes each project, we then jointly with the client set a monthly budget and the number of leads you want to receive for each project. Through the constant traffic of our portals and social networks, in addition to our PPC campaigns, and thanks to the excellent management of our experts in search engine optimization, you can be sure that your real estate property is being shown to thousands of our visitors. Whenever any of them are interested in any of your properties (houses, apartments, condos, rentals or sales) we will immediately send you their information so that you can proceed to contact them.
Through our social networks, call center, chat and portals we generate direct contact with our visitors, providing you with timely information and understanding their specific needs so that you as real estate agent can deliver the most appropriate solution, ensuring a high percentage of sales closings.

Fully Verifiable Leads:
We have a credit policy where we track the leads that agents fail to contact, we do this in order to avoid charging our cliets for leads that are not useful to them. We are in permanent contact with the real estate agents to improve, meet their expectations and devise marketing strategies tailored to their needs.